L'école Chempaka International

At L'ecole Chempaka International, we strive to enable our teachers to achieve and deliver the highest standard in education, to continually impart sound moral values to our students and improve the outcome of their learning. We welcome teachers who share our commitment and passion for education, to empower our students with life skills.

Why teach the CIE curriculum?

Cambridge international qualifications are popular around the world. Teachers know the value of qualifications that are well designed, well supported and well recognised. To align our offering of international education to the Chempaka way, we seek teachers with curiosity and creative teaching skills to help translate our dynamic curriculum.

International in approach, the CIE syllabus is interesting to teach, relevant and up-to-date. Teachers can offer any combination of subjects and tailor courses to reflect local contexts.

Cambridge qualifications are very well-supported. That means teachers develop deep understanding of what their students need to do to be successful by providing excellent preparation for their next steps in education, work and life.

L'ecole Chempaka International invites teachers from the world over – who are not just hard-working and dedicated, but are dynamic, creative, inspiring and open-minded to explore a new place and experience a new culture. If you are looking for an atmosphere that relates to your philosophy of making learning adventurous for students, reach us at lecole@chempaka.org