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Through constant evaluation & innovation, Chempaka maintains a dynamic curriculum, responding to the needs of the individual child.

The curriculum takes into account the child's holistic development. Practical experience & learning through indoors & outdoors activities form an important part of life at Chempaka. Music, dance & drama, picnics and nature walks are routine. Every child gets to display his/her talents on stage at the school day.


Admission to the kindergarten is on a first-come –first-served basis. The age of admission to the play group, LKG and UKG are 2 1/2 plus, 3 1/2 plus & 4 1/2 plus respectively. A child should be declared fit by a doctor prior to the admission. 

Please note that admission to the kinder garten does not gaurantee admission to L'ecole Chempaka, the school.

A separate admission procedure follows for L'ecole Chempaka.