Message from the Chairman

V.N.P Raj - Chairman, Chempaka Education, India

V.N.P Raj

Let me start this message with a very simple question; whether anyone, perhaps a parent or a teacher or a friend could ever predict the future of a child? The answer in my thoughts is a “No”.

Many people who achieved greatness in their lifetime were sometimes unimpressive in their early days. However they could explore their mind fully and fearlessly in their life time. In that process they became great contributors and role models to humanity.

Dear readers, I believe, that is the truth behind good learning. Every child deserves to be liberated from within, while engaged in learning. Liberated to explore ones own mind to its fullness, children build confidence to express and explore themselves.

The Chempaka Way

When children are allowed to be childrenLearning happens naturally

When systems and rules are in place, but not to curbLearning happens freely

When nature is the most important teacherLearning has value

When the surroundings are aesthetic, lively and stimulatingLearning happens creatively

When the thrust is on values and awarenessTrue Learning begins

When it’s how well you study, not how much you studyLearning becomes meaningful

When culture and heritage are honoured and imbibedLearning becomes timeless

When the adult’s role is to guide and facilitateLearning becomes fun

When theatre and arts become a part of lifeLearning happens through expression

When a scientific outlook is cultivatedLearning happens through inquiry

When the humanistic spirit is encouragedLearning happens through compassion

When there is a dynamic atmosphere of innovation and researchLearning never ends

When physical, mental and spiritual growth happen togetherLearning has completeness

When we realise that it’s not just about how much we provide, but how well we are able to facilitate true learningLearning happens ‘The Chempaka Way’.

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