The curriculum at Lécole Chempaka Silver Oak is a melding of CBSE and the Chempaka Way. It focuses on the holistic development of each learner and allows learners to acquire the 21st century skills of Decision-Making and Problem-Solving; Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking; Communication and Interpersonal Skills; Self-Awareness and Empathy; Coping with Emotions and Coping with Stress.

The curriculum puts an emphasis on active learning, where teachers play the role of facilitators creating genuine interest for learning and creating solutions. Care and attention goes into the course structure and selection of books, to make lessons more contextual & meaningful The approach is open-ended and dynamic, constantly subject to innovation, responding to individual needs.

House and club activities and meditation, music, dance, art and craft, gardening, sports, trekking, workshops, study trips related to lessons, stage performance and socially useful and productive work are routine.

We want our students to make a difference in the world.

L'école Chempaka International

Chempaka Kindergarten

L'école Chempaka International, Kochi