The school uniform is to be worn on all working days.

 Any variation in colour, texture or pattern will be brought to the notice of the parents and the necessary changeover will have to be made. 

Sports uniform is compulsory on the specified days as per the class time table. 

Students of Junior School will come in casual wear on Wednesdays.

 Footwear: Black leather shoes ,white socks with regular uniform and white sports shoes with PE uniform. 

Bata shoes/ comfortable black shoes recommended. Avoid expensive brands. Avoid any writings or description/ colour on the shoe.

Boys must trim their hair short. Girls with long hair should wear it braided or tied up neatly in a pony-tail. Do not wear jewellery of any kind to school, except for ear-studs. Colouring of hair is not permissible for boys and girls.

Colour and patten of the school uniform

Top- Half sleeves shirts for boys and girls with standing collar, lemon  yellow in colour.

Bottoms- For boys Olive green shorts and for Girls Olive green pinafore.

PE Uniform- White T shirt and blue shorts.

To maintain uniformity in the colour and pattern-

Uniform material to be procured from the school and to be stitched at the designated tailoring units in the city. 

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