Why Choose CBSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education, popularly known as CBSE is one of the most prestigious educational boards in India offering a well-researched syllabus incorporating international trends. In fact, with the advent of NEP 2020, CBSE offers wholistic education at par with any other board of education in the world. Innovative and thoughtful blending of Art integrated Learning, EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT etc. gives CBSE an edge over most other boards.

National & International Recognition

Studying abroad after completing CBSE schooling is much easier as a certificate or degree issued by the CBSE is valid and respected throughout the world, making it universally acceptable. Not just that, CBSE schools are operational in many countries adding to its universal acceptance. 60% of all IIT intake come from the CBSE board. It is popularly understood that the CBSE curriculum paves the way for excellent preparation for national level entrance examinations.


Gone are the days when all students had to learn all subjects in the same way. CBSE is extremely accommodative of students with specials needs or students who are physically challenged. CBSE also is very flexible when it comes to subject choice. It allows students to study subjects of their choice at Senior school level. Although L’école Chempaka “Silver Oak” is in its budding days, we take pride in providing individualised academic support to our students. 

Curriculum framework

The CBSE curriculum is designed in such a way that it provides sufficient scope for the physical, intellectual, and social development of the students. There are few curricula in the world that lays as much importance on value education as CBSE does. At every stage of a child’s development, the curricula offer ample scope for inculcating social grace in individuals. CBSE also has a non-negotiable approach to inculcating life skills in students making it one of the most sought-after curricula in the country. The competency based CBSE curriculum focuses not only on the cognitive domain, but also on affective and psychomotor domains. Physical fitness, health and hygiene, and equitable learning opportunities also form an integral part of CBSE’s educational philosophy.

Teacher Support

It is Widely acknowledged and appreciated by general public that CBSE provides excellent support to its teaching fraternity. Capacity building workshops are regular for different regions, and they aim at supporting teachers to improve their competency. Through the Disha app, CBSE provides excellent professional development programmes for teachers for free. No wonder why at “Silver Oak” we have passionate teachers who know their craft exceedingly well. In addition to the teacher support programmes offered by CBSE, at Silver Oak, we also provide our faculty with continuous professional development programmes to adopt a learner centric pedagogy as envisioned by CBSE.

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