Code Of Conduct For Mindful Behaviour And Remedial Action

L’école Chempaka believes in practicing the successfully tried and tested concept of Mindfulness in Education. The Ahimsa Trust was to a great extent responsible for popularising and promoting this concept in schools in India. Here is an excerpt from the Trust: 

“Mindfulness in Education is an exciting practice, to be applied from the time a child joins school, to the time she/he graduates. Years of research and practice have proved it to be a potent and enduring instrument for optimizing one’s academic, creative and physical potential, for enriching social and emotional interaction, and for increasing compassion and self-awareness. It simultaneously diminishes stress, anxiety and hostility, enhancing one’s feeling of well-being and helps build the school as a community. 

Mindfulness is increasingly being recognised as an essential educational tool, supporting a host of pedagogical approaches, providing optimal conditions for learning and teaching. It develops skills such as attention, concentration, emotional and cognitive awareness, bodily awareness and coordination, and interpersonal awareness.” 

  • Students will be initiated into and guided to practise Mindfulness in Thought, Word and Deed. 
  • Parents and students are expected to follow the rules and regulations as stated in the Code of Conduct, a copy of which will be signed by the parents and students in senior school and filed along with the student details. In case of any deviation, they will abide by the decision of the Remedial Action Committee. 
  • Students are expected to speak and behave courteously at all times to teaching and non-teaching members of the staff, greet them and obey their instructions. 
  • Be kind and considerate to all including juniors and be role models. 
  • Be punctual and be attired in the prescribed uniform. On days when casual wear is permitted no objectionable writing or graphics should be displayed on the clothing. 
  • Students may leave the school campus only with the written permission of one of the parents and the respective Vice Principal. They are required to Sign Out at the school office. 
  • Respect school property. Defacing or damaging school property will result in disciplinary action and making good the cost. 
  • Speak at all times in the medium of instruction except in other language classes.
  • Strictly follow the instructions given in the diary for applying for leave of absence.
  • Gadgets such as mobile phones and other electronic devices will be confiscated if brought to school without the knowledge and permission of parents and school authorities. Parents will be given a written undertaking before redeeming the items in person from the Principal. 
  • Dangerous objects are banned and bringing them to school will result in expulsion. 
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, substance abuse or inappropriate behaviour / relationships will result in immediate expulsion. 
  • Indulging in physical violence or use of offensive language / gestures will be viewed very seriously and appropriate action will be taken. 
  • Parents are expected to be aware of cyber rules and will be held responsible for postings by their children on social network sites.



Let your conduct befit your family, school and nation 

Endeavour to succeed in everything you do 

Carry yourself with dignity and grace 

Organise your study materials, resources and time 

Listen to and follow your elders’ instructions 

Examine your actions 

Co-operate with your teachers and classmates 

Hand in quality work and assignments that you can be proud of 

Ensure that you seek and give assistance whenever needed 

Maintain discipline and punctuality 

Present yourself well by being clean, neat and well-groomed 

Always be courteous and respectful 

Keep your surroundings clean and beautiful; be energy conscious and eco-friendly. 

Above all, be gentlemen and ladies of whom L’école can be proud of.

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